4-H group gets bats taken off of dangerous species list

SHELLSBURG, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) – Although bats are often depicted in books and movies as a threat, one group is wanting to change that.

Benton County 4-H wants people to realize that bats aren’t scary and can be an asset to a community.

“Bats are not as scary as we think they are, they are really helpful to us, they eat their body weight in bugs every night so then we have less mosquitoes,” 4-H member Julia Shultis said.

The Iowa DNR says a small bat eats between 1,000 and 2,000 small insects per night.

The group took on the project to build bat houses, but first they had to convince their city leaders that bats are beneficial.

“When we first went to the city council we brought our poster, and when we first said the words “bats,” they were like “whoa bats!” So here in Shellsburg we wanted to help the bats out since they are endangered,” 4-H member Claire Booth said.

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