Dawn of the Bat Brigade: Chapter 6


In the north, Great Echo skillfully navigates the interior of the cave, searching for the cause of the terrible fungus, when he spots a pair of glowing red eyes deep within.

Slowly… from the darkness rises a massive, hulking foe.

“Are you behind all this?! Who are you,” questioned Great Echo.

“Me–In–va–der. Me–SMASH–bats.”

“Well then I’m here to smash YOU,” chimed Great Echo as he let lose a powerful, sonic strike upon his sizeable foe.

However, ever-powerful as Great Echo’s strike was, Invader once again slowly rises to his feet…


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Illustration by Claudia Pimentel


Partial funding for this program is supported by a grant/cooperative agreement for the U.S. Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service

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