Catawba Science Center welcomes bat expert

HICKORY – Creatures of the night paid Hickory a visit Saturday when the Catawba Science Center hosted the executive director and co-founder of Michigan’s Organization for Bat Conservation.

Rob Mies made his presentation, “Creatures of the Dark,” to visitors in the Drendel Auditorium, which tied into the current “In the Dark” exhibit at the center.

After giving some background on different types of nocturnal animals, Mies introduced the audience to live specimens like a flying squirrel, an owl, a sloth and bats. This was his third presentation at the science center.

 “North Carolina is a lot like Michigan; it’s pretty wildlife friendly. People who live here really like animals,” Mies said.

While most of his presentations focus solely on bats, he worked to introduce people to a greater variety of night animals.

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  • mary fassbinder

    On January 12th 2018 while walking boquilla Canyon in Big Bend National Park I was visited by an albino bat along the Rio Grande. He or she stayed with me for a minute or so flitting about and then up he or she went into a little crevice.
    To my delight I was able to capture a photo of this ethereal creature. Can you let me know if this is actually an unusual event?

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