Dawn of the Bat Brigade: Chapter 8


As the battle rages on, our heroes begin to tire.

The relentless and punishing assaults of The Blight, Invader, and Lady Poison are now taking their respective tolls on the Bat Brigade.

However, just as all looks lost for Great Echo, an unlikely group of allies presents itself. “Great Echo, we’re here to help,” yells the leader of the group. We’re scientists who have been studying how to beat White-nose Syndrome.

All right team, let’s get to work!”

The female leader of the group quickly takes aim and FIRES!! The powerful blast of White-nose Fungus loving bacteria goes to work… stopping Invader right in his tracks.

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Illustration by Claudia Pimentel


Partial funding for this program is supported by a grant/cooperative agreement for the U.S. Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service

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