Dawn of the Bat Brigade: Chapter 9


A tired and fatigued Winged Cyclone looks on as Lady Poison takes aim with her toxic cannon.

It seems like lights out for our mighty caped warrior, but then, the neighborhood’s kids quickly dash out towards the hero.

“Winged Cyclone, CATCH,” yell the kids.A wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables suddenly fill the caped crusader’s hands.

The pesticide and chemical free snacks provide Winged Cyclone with the very boost he needs to achieve a decisive victory over his deadly foe.

With a final mighty flap of his wings, Winged Cyclone summons a powerful whirlwind at Lady Poison’s feet ejecting her, and her diabolical schemes, far into the air!

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Illustration by Claudia Pimentel


Partial funding for this program is supported by a grant/cooperative agreement for the U.S. Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service

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