Bat Keeper for the Day

Ever wondered what it would be like to work at the Bat Zone? Now you can find out!

See what it’s like to be an Organization for Bat Conservation animal keeper specializing in bats!

Your experience will include:

  • A personal keeper tour and three hours of job shadowing;
  • Learn about the husbandry & nutritional needs of the animals while helping to provide their care;
  • Prepare food for all of our animals;
  • See a demonstration of positive reinforcement in a target training session;
  • Assist in placing enrichment items in each of the fruit bat enclosures, then watch the animals’ reactions and record;
  • Take a photo witho the largest species of bat in the world, the Malayan Flying Fox;
  • Go home with a Save the Bats T-shirt!

To schedule your internship day, call (800) 276-7074 or email Dawn at [email protected] For more details click here.

Ages: 9 years old+
Price: $250