CreationJusticeLogoHiResAcross North America, White-nose Syndrome is threatening the health and well-being of our bat populations. This invasive fungus has been spreading west from New York since 2006, decimating bat populations in its wake.

There isn’t a treatment for White-nose Syndrome yet, but you can help by installing a bat house in your backyard or available green space. Bat houses give bats a healthy, safe place to raise their pups–protecting bats and making a real difference in conservation.

This Earth Day, we are proud to partner with Creation Justice Ministries to encourage congregations to create bat habitat by building bat houses. Groups can build bat houses from easy, DIY kits as a fun, family-friendly activity or install ready-made bat houses. Kits and finished bat houses are available through our online store below through 2016. You can also download our free bat house eGuide for instructions on building bat houses from scratch and installing finished bat houses.

Proceeds from the sales of all bat houses go directly to helping us care for our 200+ Animal Ambassadors. These animals are the core of our education work, inspiring people across the country to become involved in conservation.

Use code earthdaysunday at checkout to receive 10% off your bat house!

Download our Free Bat House eGuide!

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