White Nose Researcher Badge


Discovery Level: Guided

Description: White Nose Syndrome is negatively affecting bats across the United States. Complete this badge to gain an understanding of this invasive species, as well as possible ways to cure it and how humans can help!

Tags: Environment; Conservation; Bats; Science; Scientific Method; Observation; Analysis, White Nose Syndrome; Disease; Invasive Species.

Criteria:Give a report for your class, or even your friends and family, about how White Nose Syndrome is hurting bats across the United States. Explore the history of White Nose Syn-drome, what it does to make bats sick and possible ways we’re trying to fight the disease to save the bats.

Evidence: Send us your completed report that answers the questions above. If you do this as a school project, get your teacher or a guardian to sign off on it.

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