Save Bats


Install a Bat House

Creating a safe a environment is key to the survival and well-being of bats. Bat Houses are fun to build, easy to install and have a tremendous impact.

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Build a Bat Garden

We’ve compiled an extensive guide on how to create an awesome backyard habitat right in your backyard. It won’t be long before super friendly bats start showing up!

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Become a Bat Ambassador

Bats need you. Become a Bat Ambassador and learn how to inspire people to #savethebats. We’ll send you tools and tips on how to educate members of your community, friends, and family.

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Thanks to people like you, we are able to inspire thousands of people to protect bats. When you invest in us, you help to make the world healthier for bats and for the rest of us that count on all that bats do for us.

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