Bat in your House?

What to do if you find a bat in your home

If a bat accidentally flies into your house, don’t panic and follow these tips:

  • Do not try to handle the bat. Like all wild animals, bats will bite if they feel threatened.
  • Help the bat get back outside where it wants to be by closing the door to the room and opening windows.
  • If the bat is not flying, or the room does not have direct access to outside, capture the bat using a box or small container. Be sure to wear thick work gloves.
  • After capturing a bat, open the container on its side, in the air or against a tree to allow the bat to fly away.

If a bat bit someone in the home, the bat will need to be tested for rabies. Capture the bat using a box or small container and contact your local health department right away.

Bat Relocation

Do you have multiple bats roosting in your home? Follow these steps.

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Need Help?

Want the bats out but not gone? Professional relocation services are available.

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