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No matter what the situation know how to handle finding a bat

Find a bat outside? Leave the bat alone. Do not touch or handle any wild animal. However, if the bat is not in a safe location (on a sidewalk, road, etc.), relocate the bat while wearing thick work gloves and using a container. Place the bat on the side of a tree or in a location off of the ground and away from people. You may also contact your local wildlife agency for assistance.

Find a bat in the winter? In colder regions bats should be hibernating in the winter, however sometimes people come across them in their basement or around their homes. If the bat is hibernating in your attic or garage and is not a nuisance, it’s best to just leave it be until spring. If the bat is awake, while wearing thick work gloves and using a container, capture the bat and relocate it outside to an area of least exposure. Sometimes bats can survive the winter in a leaf or log pile; it may also relocate itself to a safer location. Do not place the bat directly on the ground.

A lone bat on your porch or side of your house? Male bats tend to roost solo and may find your porch to be the perfect place. They may only stay for a few days at most. If they aren’t troubling you, leave the bat alone and thank it for eating the insects in your yard at night. Place a potted plant under the bat to collect the guano (bat poop), it’s high in nitrogen and plants love it. If you would prefer that the bat find a new place, wait for the bat to leave at dusk, temporarily cover the region with plastic sheeting or tarps that make it difficult for the bat to grip. Hang flags, chimes, or wind socks to create an obstruction, or shine floodlights at the bat to encourage it to move. Mount a bat house to give the bat an alternative to your home.

Find a bat in your home? Do not release a bat if you find it in the room of a sleeping person, an unattended child, someone mentally impaired, or an intoxicated individual. You should save the bat for rabies testing and seek medical attention immediately. How to capture the bat safely: Wear leather gloves and when the bat lands, approach it slowly. Place a box or coffee can over the bat. Punch holes in a piece of cardboard to allow the bat to breathe, and slide it under the container to trap the bat inside. Tape the cardboard to the container to secure it. Contact your local health department or animal control to arrange for rabies testing.

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Bitten by a Bat?

It's important to take all bat bites seriously. If you've recently been bitten by a bat, please contact your local health department.

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