Organization for Bat Conservation's Kid's Club!

Greetings young heroes!

Today begins your journey as a junior member of the Organization for Bat Conservation’s BAT BRIGADE! A group dedicated to protecting our world and our environment, from evil menaces like The Blight, Invader, and Lady Poison!

With your parents permission, fill out the form below to get started! You’ll receive a download for our Digital Bat Brigade Activity Guide, which includes our comic “Dawn of the Bat Brigade,” as well as all the other great superhero tools listed below:

  • Digital Bat Brigade Activity Guide, including the digital comic, “Dawn of the Bat Brigade”
  • Full set of #SavetheBats buttons
  • A full-color 18″ X 24″ Bat Brigade poster
  • Large #SavetheBats decal (great for water bottles, notebooks, and more!)
  • Set of #SavetheBats rub-on tattoos

With the help of the amazing real life superheroes of the U.S. Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, we’re able to offer our memberships COMPLETELY FREE for the FIRST 1,000 MEMBERS.

So don’t wait! Help us battle the forces of evil today, and make our planet safe for bats, humans, and all other wildlife!

NOTICE: Given the tremendous outpouring of new sign-ups, it may take roughly 2 weeks for your Kids Club Package to arrive. Please refrain from signing up multiple times, as this could slow the process down.  Additionally, if you have any other issues please email us at [email protected] Stay batty and thank you!

Illustrations by Claudia Pimentel, Creator of Strange Teeth Illustration