Bat Relocation

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Dealing with more than one Bat?

While bats are beneficial animals, they are best housed outside our buildings. Relocating bats safely and humanely helps to maintain bat populations and decreases the chances that bats and people will come in contact with each other.

Basic steps for DIY bat exclusions:

  1. Conduct exclusions only during the months of April-May and August-September. Summer exclusions may cause baby bats to become trapped in your home and separated from their mothers. Winter exclusions could trap hibernating bats in the building.
  2. Install a bat house near your home so the bats will have a new place to move into after you have done the exclusion.
  3. Identify where bats are entering and exiting your home by watching from sunset to 60 minutes after sunset.
  4. During the day, cover the openings with screen or plastic mesh. Attach the screen or mesh on the top and sides, leaving the bottom open allowing the bats to exit.
  5. Leave the screen or mesh in place for 5-7 days to make sure all of the bats have left your house. Check to make sure they have not found a new way into your house by watching at sunset. Once all bats have vacated, permanently seal the openings.

Bat in your House?

Check out what safe options there are for removing a Bat from your house.

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Need Help?

Want the bats out but not gone? Professional relocation services are available.

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