The Organization for Bat Conservation Acquires the Magazine Mine

Site is believed to be the largest endangered Indiana bat hibernacula in the United States

On August 30, 2017, the Organization for Bat Conservation acquired the mineral rights for the Magazine Mine in southern Illinois, with the goal of continuing the education and environmental study of bat populations in their natural habitat.

“The Magazine Mine is home to one of the largest endangered Indiana Bat hibernacula in the United States,” said Rob Mies, Executive Director of the Organization for Bat Conservation. “The Organization for Bat Conservation is proud and excited to be partnering with Uninim in order to protect this rare and awe-inspiring gathering of bats.”

The Magazine Mine is suspected to be one of only two silica mines that may offer safe havens for bats suffering from White-nose Syndrome, due to its superior ventilation and dryness. It has been closed and gated for years by order of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, under protection from the Endangered Species Act.

The transfer of the Magazine Mine is a huge step in protecting the rare and endangered Indiana Bat. OBC is proud to partner with Uninim in this endeavor, and excited to see what secrets the mine may hold for the future of bat research.”