The October 2015 Education Update

Rent a Bat Trunk for your Classroom: Now you can borrow educational materials for your classroom or site at no charge. The Bat Trunk contains books, hands-on activities, DVDs and more! The Bat Trunk is available for pick-up at our location in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. To learn more or to reserve the trunk, simply fill out the following form. Not near us? Visit the EduBat homepage to find a site close to you. Sign up now! >>

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Using Tech to Get Kids Excited About Bats: “That is sooo cool!” is what science educators love to hear—that moment of connection when a student gets excited about learning. Liz Mock- Murphy, a high school science teacher in Greeley, Colorado, watched that moment unfold when she played echolocation recordings for her students this fall. Liz had been experimenting with the Echo Meter Touch, a bioacoustics monitoring system that records bat echolocations and identifies the bat species based on that recording. Full story >>

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