Why Partner?

The #savethebats movement connects with advocates who are dedicated to protecting our natural world in order to save one of the most essential mammals in our environment. These incredible animals serve as pollinators and protectors of plants that are important to us, so let’s collaborate and show the world that what we save saves us.

Our Partners

Consumers Energy Foundation


DTE Energy


Propestmen/Critter Catchers


Whole Foods


Wildlife Acoustics


General Motors




Cranbrook Institute of Science


US Fish and Wildlife Service


Great Lakes Rodent


The Campaign for Smoke Free Pets


The Pandemic Project

Spirit of Alexandria


U-Haul Supergraphics


Village Women’s Club




Kingsley Hotel


Feldman Automotive


Clannad Foundation


US Forest Service


Civil & Environmental Consultants


Trader Joe’s


Chris Chen’s Biology Dictionary

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By partnering with us, you send the important message that bats are worth protecting and help us reach even more people throughout North America