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Bat Count : A Citizen Science Story


Follow along with Jojo on her educational adventure to count bats and learn about white nose syndrome.

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Jojo is prepping for an exciting night! It’s time for the bat count. Bats have always been a welcome presence during the summers in the family barn. However, over the years, the numbers have dwindled as many bats in the area have caught white-nose syndrome. Jojo and her family count the bats and send the numbers to scientists who study bats, to see if the bat population can recover. On a summer evening, the family quietly makes their way to the lawn to watch the sky and count the visitors to their farm.

This short story is reviewed by experts and designed to encourage parental involvement. Its extensive back information helps teachers with time-saving lesson ideas and provides extensions for science, math, and social studies units. It also uses quiestion-based learning to help build critical thinking skills in young readers. Features full color illustrations by an award winning children’s book artist.

Written by Anna Forrester
Illustrations by Susan Detwiler

16 pages

Ideal for Ages 4-9, Grades K-3


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