bats of western north america

“Bats of Western North America” Waterproof Guide


A quick and easy reference guide for the bats of the western United States that’s waterproof so you can bat watch in even the worst conditions.

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“Bats of Western North America” is a great guide to pick when you need to know bats quick!

Created by OBC’s own Rob Mies, these guides provide a quick and easy reference for those on the go, or are simply bat watching for fun. Have no fear about the elements, as this guide is waterproof too!

To help identify your bats, each listing has a clear color photo and lists bat basics, like habitat, diet, and behavior. Some bats of Western North America you’ll find inside include the Silver-haired Bat, Hoary Bat, and the California Leaf-nosed Bat. For bats on the east side, check out this’s guide’s companion “Bats of Eastern North America!”

These helpful guides fold out to just over 2 feet long and fold up to fit well in a travel bag or coat pocket.

Printed in the USA with soy ink.

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