big brown bat plush

Big Brown Bat Plush


Snuggle up to this large, cuddly bat.

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Hang out with this cushy, Big Brown Bat plush!

There are over 1300 different species of bats! Snuggle up to this unique Big Brown Bat plush. A larger version of a normal North American Big Brown Bat, this one is extra huggable. It features bendable wire in the wings for pretend flight poses or wrapping for sleeping and hanging around. A perfect snuggle buddy.

The North American Big Brown Bat is a medium sized bat that is mostly, you guessed it, brown. They love eating insects and tend to roost in bark of trees, so they blend in perfectly!

Get one and give your soft, fuzzy plush a hug as thanks to the bats for helping keep pesky insects at bay and our gardens pollinated!

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Dimensions 6.25 x 14 x 2.5 in


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