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Conservation Tales: Bats


Stories of wildlife conservation for young readers.

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A colorful intro to real conservation tales for young minds!

From Conservation Tales’ website: “Caring for the living things that share our planet starts early. Our children and grandchildren will make the choices that may make the difference between extinction and survival for many species.  Help them understand the science behind wildlife conservation while discovering potential careers and experiencing inquiry-based science at home. 

There are many species of bats, and many of them face threats to their survival. This book gives readers an up-close look at bats, the science behind their conservation, and efforts to protect them and their habitats.”

This book has a great mix of hand-drawn illustrations and real life photos! Even some of OBC’s own educators were consulted to help write this book!

By Tom J. McConnell
Illustrations by Sami Pfaff and Sierra Hensley

If you would like to know more about the folks behind Conservation Tales, or the other books in the series, check them out here.


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