echo meter touch 2 pro

Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro


The world’s most advanced iPad/iPhone-powered bat detector/recorder/analyzer is new and improved for 2017!

**Please note, the new EMT2 Pro will not ship till early to mid July**

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NEW FOR 2017

Echo Meter Touch on a Bat Walk from Save the Bats on Vimeo.

The world’s most advanced iPad/iPhone/iPod-powered bat detector/recorder/analyzer just got better!!!

The best active bat recording system in the world, the Echo Meter Touch will enhance your evening programs and night hikes. Simply plug the Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro into your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and download/launch the free app. Designed for bat professionals, this innovative combination of hardware and software enables you to record and listen to bat calls in real-time and use built-in classifiers to reveal bat species matches. For those engaged in bat census taking and research, the data are displayed via information rich, configurable, full-color spectrograms while GPS-enabled iOS devices tag each recording with its exact location. Recordings can be transferred to any computer for further review and reporting. The Echo Meter Touch® offers the benefits of portability, high-quality recording, species identification, and highly detailed spectrogram analysis capabilities. Featuring a new, state-of-the art ultrasonic microphone and semi-directional enclosure, selectable microphone gain, adjustable sampling rate and wide variety of advanced user features on the app, Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro was specifically built for the needs of bat professionals needing the highest quality in recordings.

Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO features a state-of-the-art ultrasonic microphone capable of sample rates of 256kHz and 384kHz, creating best-in-class, 16-bit full-spectrum recordings.

The updated Echo Meter Touch app for iOS features pro-only options including adjustable gain and advanced trigger settings – and of course, the latest Kaleidoscope Pro auto-ID classifiers for bats species in North America, the UK, Europe, the Neotropics and South Africa.

Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO for iOS
will be available in April for $349/US

Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO for Android
will be available later this year


*Results will vary depending upon device settings like brightness and GPS.


Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 2.5 x 1.25 in


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