OBC's simple guide to bat house designs

OBC’s Simple Guide to Bat House Designs – Revised


Easy-to-use guide for building awesome bat houses.

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This fantastic and slim booklet is OBC’s simple guide to building bat houses. It provides step-by-step directions to build several different bat houses. Designs are compiled from researchers throughout the country and have been proven to have very high success rates. Plans range from easy to difficult and the guide also includes a detailed section on mounting your bat house and even how to start planting a wildlife garden.

All black and white print – beauty in simplicity.

Bat houses give females a safe, warm place to raise their young. Because bats typically have one pup a year, populations are slow to grow. By installing a bat house, you not only give these pups a chance to survive but you also send an important message that bats are worth protecting.

A paperback written by the Organization for Bat Conservation.

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