Vinyl Decal – HeartBat #SavetheBats


Super cool, all-weather decal to show you support #SaveTheBats. Nice bold size (5″ X 5″) with black on a clear circle background  (background in photo is only to show detail).

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A decal when you need to promote your love of bats and need it to look good wherever you want.

Look no further – this super cool, all-weather vinyl decal will show everyone you support #SaveTheBats.

A nice bold size of 5″ X 5″, with black on a white circle background, means HeartBat will stand out where ever!

Weight 0.00625 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x .01 in

Black on White


  1. Are you guys going to get more of these in?

    • Hi Leslie! We’re actually expecting a shipment of these back in early next week! We can message you when they arrive.

  2. Are there going to be more of these in stock?

    • Hi Allison! We just got a new shipment of black ones in.

  3. I LOVE the one that came with my sponsorship package. I put it on my computer. I came here to order a white one for my car, as the black does not show up on tinted windows. I’m sad to see the white are out of stock. Hopefully more come in soon!

  4. I want to purchase a few of these as gifts but they must be all out though it does not say that anywhere, I don’t have the option of adding them to my bag, bummed!

  5. Are you going to get any of these in stock soon?

    • We just received shipment so they should be in stock soon! Keep out for it!

  6. Will you be getting more of these in stock?

    • We just received shipment so they should be in stock soon! Keep out for it!

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