Smokey’s corner: Bats, bad raps and White-nose Syndrome

“Bats have received a bad rap and we’re in danger of losing these valuable creatures.” This is a quote from local wildlife biologist Larry Cordova of the Smokey Bear Ranger District. Larry has worked with bats for many years and is the Bat Coordinator for the U.S. Forest Service Southwestern Region.

Bats have the reputation of being evil and blood-sucking.  However, this is a myth.  Bats play an essential role in our landscapes by consuming insects, pollinating plants and spreading seeds. “One bat can eat up to 600 mosquitoes in one hour and can feed from four to six hours per night,” says Larry Cordova.  In fact, bats are the primary predators of night-flying insects. Many of these insects are serious pest to our forests and crops and, can spread disease. “Bats improve our lives in many ways,” says Cordova, who spreads a positive message about bats.

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